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This is Me...

Hi there, I’m Laurel💙

I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about us and what we're all about here at the studio, Live Awake Wax & Laser Studio. We are a Fraser Health Approved safe and relaxing studio in the heart of Brookswood, Langley with a dedication to quality services, extreme care and attention to detail. We specialize in IPL Laser Hair Removal, Waxing, IPL Rejuvenation Facial Treatments, Microneedling,  Medi-Relaxing Facials and Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting !! I am professionally trained in all aesthetics for over 20 years , but these are my absolute loves to provide for the greatest transformations for you!  
I have always been a local Lower Mainland girl, have two beautiful, kind and caring kids, Ella and Parker, and have a wonderful, supportive and hard-working husband, Jasen😘
This tribe is my crew and I’m a momma bear through and through!💙
My deepest passion is being an esthetician. This Boss Babe thrives and is happiest when making others happy, confident and empowered! I have been a licensed & certified esthetician for over 20 years, working in various spa environments until I decided to start my own business almost 4 years ago. Working for myself, and employing who I feel is an amazing fit,  allows me to keep my high standards of quality, professionalism, care and service to our clients.
Our goal is to offer luxury high quality spa treatments to help EMPOWER the EMPOWERED !!!! 💙

Erin picture.jpeg

...This is Erin...

Hi, I'm Erin.

 I feel right at home and ready to help & grow here at Live Awake Studio! I am super passionate about quality service, the importance of self-care and the esthetics world.  I am down to earth, easy to talk to, and love to be open, social, and normalize our struggles as humans. I live locally here in Brookswood, and am a mom of 2 babes, one boy & one teen girl. At the moment, I also work in logistics during the day, but am extremely excited to meet new connections a couple of days a week here at the studio!

My favorite time of year is summer! Beach and sunshine! I love yoga, and strive to make more time for it. Can’t wait to meet you, and feel free to reach out and let me help you in your self-care transformation journey!

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...This is Courtney...

Courtney joins us with passion beyond!

Finishing her nursing in January and wanting to fulfill her desire to help people, she is an amazing addition to the laser treatment world. She has beautiful, positive, bubbly energy with a natural caring heart & soul. She will take beautiful care of you for all your IPL laser skin rejuvenation, eyebrow shaping & tinting, as well as IPL laser hair removal needs. Fully trained and certified in IPL Laser treatments and top-notch at providing amazing results for you! Amazing Courtney joins us part-time and is completing her nursing in January! She is an enthusiastic, happy, smart, honest, caring, 110%, all-in kinda gal, that I have known and adored for almost 5 years.


@ Live Awake and I couldn’t be more proud, confident and content in all of my gals here. I know that Erin, Courtney & Jessica equally bring a beautiful presence and give me a feeling of excitement & peace. I know they have your best interests at the forefront of their mind, and genuinely care that people are taken care of,  given top-notch service, and ultimately, great results through their treatments.

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...And this is Jessica!

Medical Laser Technician Jessica joins the studio with her beautiful calm, attentive energy & an unwavering passion for her craft. Jessica provides in-depth and extensive knowledge of all things skin & laser with a gentle caring approach to all the treatments she provides.
Graduating with a 98% in her top-notch Medical  Laser Technician Program, Jessica
provides intense knowledge and expertise on all IPL Laser Photo Facial Skin Treatments,
Medi-facials, Microneedling, Cherry Angioma treatments, Spider Vein Reduction, and all IPL Laser Hair Removal!

Why The Name Live Awake ?

So, I have been asked several times, "What’s with the name Live Awake"?

As we all know, through our own life journeys, that life throws us curve balls sometimes. And with these curveballs we can sometimes call them "failures". But really, to "fail" is to grow and give the ability to learn and extract beautiful, teachable  lessons from these so-called failures and grow beyond measure . I

truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason!💙
About 5+ years ago, I was not fully present in my life for a little while and needed

to spend some time getting reconnected with myself to figure out what makes

me happy and content. I ended up learning that I really love my esthetics work

as well as the practice of meditation🧘🏻‍♀️quiet & space equals clarity in what's

truly important in life. Following my passion to help others love the skin they're

in, and be the best, most content version in my own skin = service, serenity,

balance, harmony, peace & fulfillment. Live Awake meditations have helped me

to do just that: LIVE AWAKE! So I named my business after that to always

be that reminder to .....Live Awake.  
I live honestly and am as down to earth and as real as it gets!! I can’t wait to

open our doors to you and we look forward to helping you feel your best, and even more EMPOWERED than you already are !!!
💙 A wise person once said: “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a

day in your life", and now I truly understand what they meant💙


"Estheticians are healers. It is my goal to help others love their skin by providing them with the information, the tools and the treatments they need to feel healthier and beautiful"

- Lauren Y.

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