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Best Lashes in Langley
Only Lash Growth Filler Serum Treatments with or without tint still available ...Sorry Lash Lift & Tints are not available at this time

Imagine waking up, looking in the mirror and having long and voluminous lashes without even having to put mascara on.

Eyelashes are the frame of your eyes and, as such, they play a powerful role in enhancing your gaze by providing you with a reinvigorated and bright appearance.

Given their importance, here at Live Awake Wax Studio we take every bit of care and attention to ensure you walk out of our studio with lashes everyone in Langley would die for!

What Is a Lash Lift and Tint?

Lash Lift and Tint is a revolutionary technique that involves curling your natural lashes using a silicone curler that allows them to be lifted. To achieve a perfect result, during this treatment, eyelash tinting will also be performed. This means that you will no longer need to use mascara, you still can if you wish and your lashes will look perfect even right after waking up.

Lash lift and tint in Langley is ideal for those who are tired of using an eyelash curler everyday or for those who have very straight eyelashes and have always dreamt of long, curved lashes. This treatment is also suitable for those who are taking a break from eyelash extensions but still want to look their best.

The Lashlift procedure will take about 60-90 minutes during which eyes should remain relaxed and closed. The treatment is so relaxing that this is where many clients end up falling asleep...your time, your treatment, listen to what your body needs!

The result will last from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your eyelash growth cycle. Coming in after 4 weeks for a re-tint helps keep the lift looking fresh and the lashes looking dark between lash lifts!


 InLei Lash Filler Lash Lift

This special treatment from Italy is the first one in the world that has clinically been tested and guarantees thickening and lengthening of the natural lashes by 24% in just 3 treatments! What makes this procedure unique is that not only it lifts the lashes like a standard lash lift but also improves the health, thickness, and natural curl of your lashes with continuous treatment.

It is suitable for everyone but can help especially those who have mature hair or have noticed their hair changing and weakening over time, those who wear mascara every day and those who have naturally thin, straight or downward-growing lashes.

We are proud to be the first salon offering this spectacular treatment for your lashes in Langley, BC.


Why We Don't Perform Eyelash Extensions in our Langley Studio:

Our lash lift and tint treatment is performed with keratin and will leave your lashes softer and stronger than even. 

Unfortunately, some studies have shown that when extensions are applied over your beautiful natural lashes, they tend to make them weaker and falling at a faster and higher rate. 

These studies have also shown that, depending not only on the expertise of the professional that will adhere your extensions, but also on your body's reaction to them, it could lead to irritation, infection and permanent lash loss.

At Live Awake Wax Studio we are all about making you feel confident and empowered, but we have chosen to perform only the most natural treatments that will not only make you feel beautiful, but also keep your body strong and healthy. 

Our Prices:

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