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Hybrid Lash Lift Shields by Katya Vinog

These silicon lash lift shields are unique like no others in that they are neither flat nor round, but rather a blend of the two, resulting in a High Flat Hybrid Shield. Thanks to the shields' distinctive form and height, they can be utilized on all eye types. You won't have to second-guess which shield is best for the client because they are engineered to perfectly & precisely function depending on length of lash not shape of eye and create a perfect lift & curl every time! We know very well that getting the perfect lift is not an easy task, and your lifting shields can make or break it. With the Vinog lash shields, Clover collection, you will achieve stunning results and will be able to take your lash lifting to the next level!

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Lash Lifts ... Rods or Shields?!..

"Lash lift rods VS shields" has always been a controversial matter for aestheticians all over the world. While lash shields are known to provide long lashes with a dramatic look thanks to their "L" shape, lash rods tend to provide a more natural look due to their "C" or sometimes "D" curve. However, thanks to the unique shape of these lash lifts by Katya Vinog which is a hybrid blend of the two, you won't have to question yourself anymore about which one would be more suitable for your client. They work with EVERY eye shape and deliver perfect results every single time!


Can You Reuse Lash Lift Shields?

Of course, you can!

These unique lash shields are made with the highest-quality silicone available on the market and can, therefore, be used for multiple lifts.

Just remember to immediately clean with warm water and soap after every use. Then, pass on some alcohol to complete the sanitization.


How many Shield Sizes are Available?

In case you are wondering if this collection offers enough sizes of shields for all your lash lifts, you should know that the Clover Collection by Katya Vinog comes with 6 different lash lift shield sizes: from the extra small lash lift shields to the extra large ones.


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