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Bikini & Brazilian Wax in Langley

At Live Awake Wax Studio we believe that your lady parts deserve the gentlest touch and smoothest waxing experience ever, don't you agree?

Honestly...You'r Brazilian Wax Does Not Have To Be Painful !

Many people are afraid to get their lady parts waxed because they have experienced some terrible treatments in the past or have heard horrible stories from family and friends.

However, the truth is that waxing your pubic area doesn't have to be so painful!

Having understood long ago that such a precious and delicate area cannot be treated like the rest of the body, we undertook a specific preparation.

I have been known for my special technique & steps that I have used and mastered for over 20years, in order to provide a very minimal discomfort waxing experience!

Bring on the self-confidence and body positive'll move mountains!


Waxing VS Shaving Your Pubic Hair:
The Great Dilemma

There are consequences to anything that's so easy and quick to do. Shaving  can cause ingrown hairs, disrupt your hair development cycle, give you uneven results, and even change the texture of your hair. According to SELF magazine, 84 percent of women have some sort of problem when shaving their pubic hair.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to keep your lady parts away from the razor, shaving can lead to small cuts or openings on the genital skin which can easily lead to infection and skin irritation and many experience itchiness and discomfort for days. Despite being promoted as a quick and easy method for hair removal, it actually requires higher maintenance than waxing. In fact, after shaving the hair usually grows back in just a couple of days and requires new touch-ups.

However, shaving does not make your hair thicker, that's a myth !


Waxing, on the other hand, provides a clean look, with an itch free & soft regrowth every 4-6 weeks depending on your preference of to me!

Given the sensitiveness of the area, please do yourself (and your waxologist) a favour and stop shaving your who-ha. You will not regret this 🖤

Our Prices:



With this treatment, your hair will be removed in the crease of your legs and along the top of your bikini line.

Bikini Wax



The French Bikini Wax involves your pubic hair being removed slightly higher on both sides than in a Bikini Wax. Your labia remains unwaxed while the bum can be added for $5.

French Bikini Wax $45-$55


Treat yourself with the gentliest and smoothest Brazilian wax in Langley.

This treatment leaves little to no air based on your preference.

Brazilian Wax Regular Maintenance: $45 (every six weeks or less)

Brazilian Wax 

Regular Maintenance : $50-$60



Bum Cheeks: $5

Tummy: $5

Inner Thigh: $10

Inner Thigh Add-on $25

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