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Langley's Favourite Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting Studio 

Do you have eyebrows but you just can't see them? Brow shaping and tinting is a beautiful and simple way to colour, darken and define shape, allowing eyebrows to stand out and frame your beautiful eyes.

In fact, eyebrows are an important factor in determining your whole facial structure. That's why you should allow only for the most experienced hands to get close to them.

We take great pride in offering some of the best eyebrows services in Langley and in leaving our happy customers with the gaze they have always dreamt of.

Our Selection of Brow-centred Services 


More on Our Eyebrow Rehabilitation Journey

All Eyebrow services range from people who desire a new custom brow design specific to their brow structure using brow anatomy to those needing every 6 weeks maintenance services, holding their new perfected shape. Whether your brows are over plucked, too short, too bulky, start too late, over trimmed, over threaded, too arched or you are just not happy with the look of them and are wanting more, I can help you!  For all of my brow clients, especially new brow design gals, 

I always educate & demonstrate the present state of the brows, and how they will look like after the transformation begins. As you grow them out, I will reshape the brows and in just a few sessions give you a "Botox effect" by restructuring where they lay on the brow bone. I am here for you for whatever you need !

Our Prices:

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