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Body Waxing Langley

Whether you would like your whole body waxed or just your upper lip, we don't judge and treat every treatment, even the smallest, like our top priority to make you feel like the beautiful queen that you are. That's why our clients love us!

Our Practices

Our waxing salon in Langley offers a wide range of waxing services: from the most sensitive zones to full body and combos.

We always adapt our waxing methods depending on the area of the body and your type of skin to ensure a relaxing experience as pain-free as possible.

If you are looking for waxing in Langley, come and discover the difference with us!


What to expect from your waxing session

Waxing can be intimidating, especially for first timers. At our waxing salon we are all about making you feel comfortable, so we want you to be fully aware on what you should expect from a session with us.

After your arrival, there will be a moment of greetings where we get to know each other (if we haven't met already) and talk about the details of your choosen treatment. This is the perfect moment for you to ask any questions and for me Laurel, your waxologist, to clarify and calm all of your worries.  Once you are more relaxed,  I'll have you remove any pieces of clothing that might hinder the success of the session. I will wash and wear gloves at all times and will make sure that the wax is never too hot. Be ready for a few awkward but comfortable yoga type positions... don't be hesitant I've seen thousands of body parts, we are all unique and beautiful! The treatment will end with some final touch-ups which include tweezing any few remaining short hairs. After the treatment is done, I will check to make sure you are happy with the result, and you, will walk out feeling proud of yourself with your head held a little higher and a grin of confidence! I promise ! It is completely normal for your skin to be a little pink and tender for a couple of hours, however, nothing should feel painful. Contact with anything out of this range. Enjoy!!

Our Prices:


Upper lip: $10   

Chin: $10  

Sideburns: $10

Forhead: $10

Facial Waxing




Half Arm: $25

Full Arm: $32

Arm Waxing



Waxing your armpits is a delicate procedure because of the close proximity with the axillary lymph nodes. For this reason, an experienced and gentle touch is fundamental.

Underarm Waxing




Half Leg - Bottom half: $30 

Half Leg - Top Thigh half:  $35

Full Leg:  $60

Leg Waxing


Our Combos:


Half Leg & Bikini: $50 

Half Leg & French no Bum:  $65

Half Leg & French with Bum: $70 

Half Leg & Brazilian: $80

Half Leg & Brazilian Regular Maintenance: $70

Half Leg &...



Full Leg & Bikini:  $80 

Full Leg & French no Bum:  $95

Full Leg & French with Bum: $100

Full Leg & Brazilian: $110

Full Leg & Brazilian Regular Maintenance: $100

Full Leg &...


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