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Curious to Know What Our Clients Think of Us?
Have a Look:


“Live Awake is absolutely the BEST waxing studio I have been to. I’ve been waxed from eyebrows to toes and everything in between over the years , some good experiences, lots bad. Laurel is honestly THE BEST I’ve ever had … she is so kind, professional, approachable, and makes you feel really “normal” about the hair we women grow everywhere!!! Lol. Her studio is super clean and very comfortable. The best part is that she is a local home based business… I love to support local” ❤️

 Joanne P.


“In only a couple of visits, Laurel has been able to work wonders on my over plucked 90’s brows. She is sweet & her studio is very clean and inviting. With her help, I am excited to see what my brows will look like in a couple months !”

— Kim C.

“Laurel is friendly and professional. She follows covid protocol and everything is very clean and sanitary. I would highly recommend her for all your waxing, lash lift & tinting !”

— Deb T.


“Laurel offers a variety of services in the most friendly & professional environment. Her waxing technique is the most gentle I’ve ever experienced.”

— Alana P.


“I met Laurel for the first time today, she is amazing! Within minutes of being at her studio I felt totally relaxed… she has one of those personalities that you feel like she’s a long term friend and your just catching up! I highly recommend for any of her services she offers !!!”

— Deanna D.


“I had my first Lash Lift with Laurel today. She is extremely professional, the result is amazing. My lashes are beautifully curled, exactly the way I wanted. And … she is also a very happy person, so good to be around. The space is super beautiful and clean, and covid responsible girls !!! I just loved the experience. Thanks Laurel” ☺️

— Livia A.

“Laurel is hands down the best, and her spa room is beautiful. She is the only one that does my eyebrow waxing and tinting & lash lifts. The studio is clean, calm, and relaxing. If you are looking for someone in the area she is by far the best choice.”

— Leah T.


“You know when you have a gem of an esthetician and you almost don’t want to share in case she gets too booked .. that thought crossed my mind.. but then I thought, I want more  people to experience Laurel and her business  ! I’ve been waxing for 24 years and I never knew waxing could be so gentle and pain free!! BEST wax experience hands down. If you wax with Laurel you’ll be a lifetime return customer. Her waxing technique is the most gentle I’ve ever experienced.”

— Viva S.

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